Learn More About Tokenbound Accounts

Tokenbound accounts empower you to interact within the web3 ecosystem by earning and managing digital assets. As you navigate through various platforms, you can collect unique items like skins and badges. These not only enhance the functionality of your Setter Pass but also introduce a new layer of customization and utility in the realm of web3 social networking.

Own Assets. Take Action. Connect & Collect.

Unique Address

Every Setter Pass is equipped with its own unique address, akin to a wallet.

This tokenbound account enables your Setter Pass to perform all functions typical of a wallet, such as owning and managing assets onchain.

Send & Receive

Send & Receive Tokens to Your Setter Pass.

Your Setter Pass’s tokenbound account can manage various types of digital assets, including ERC721s, ERC1155s, ERC20 tokens, and even ETH.

You can send assets directly to your Setter Pass as easily as you would to any other wallet, enhancing its utility and value

Take Action Onchain

Connect with Setter Pass to take action onchain.

Utilize the tokenbound account linked to your Setter Pass to seamlessly connect and interact across different wallets and services on the Base, Blast, and Polygon networks as well as other EVM-compatible chains.

This connectivity expands the functionality and reach of your Setter Pass, making it a versatile tool in web3 spaces.

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