Setter Pass

Earn rewards & unlock access across web3


Dual Tokens

At the heart of the Setter ecosystem is the dual nature token pair of $STR, an ERC-20 token, and the Setter Pass NFT, an ERC-721 token.

These co-joined fungible and non-fungible tokens serve as both rewards and access passes to the broader Setter network.
Learn more about dual tokens.

Tokenbound Accounts

As you engage across web3, you can also earn digital assets, like skins and badges, that let you customize and upgrade your Setter Pass, enabling a new dimension in web3 social.

These digital assets can be attached to your Setter Pass via a tokenbound account (TBA), or they can be transferred independently.
Learn more about tokenbound accounts.


$STR can be used across various web3 social platforms, like Farcaster and Lens, and multiple chains, like Polygon, Base and Blast.

Leveraging LayerZero’s OFT standard, you can easily and efficiently bridge to any supported EVM chain.
Learn more about multichain and LayerZero.

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